Read About Dr. Christina Alba

Christina Alba, DC
With a background in wellness and brand marketing Dr. Christina Alba knows what it takes to get the job done. She also understands that the healing process takes a dedicated amount of time, discipline, energy and patience. Before devoting herself to the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic, Christina experienced firsthand as a patient what a fully connected brain and body could bring to the table. As a seasoned brand naming strategist (yes, that is right, you read it correctly…a specialist in creating company and product names) she worked long hours in various creative agencies in San Francisco and New York City. A corporate life, along with extensive travel, salsa dancing and yoga classes, led Christina to the chiropractor’s office. She longed for her overly active mind and body to be at ease with each visit. Without consciously knowing it she became absorbed with the philosophy of her body healing itself from within. Some believed that she was already a chiropractor by the way she spoke of how empowering the brain-body connection is. She was already living the chiropractic lifestyle. When out of the office, she is usually found at the yoga studio, getting stronger and fitter at NEXTBarre, running around the Lafayette Reservoir, or serving the Lamorinda community in any way she can.

At the age of 34 she enrolled in chiropractic school, began classes, fell in love with “the one”, married and became stepmom to three incredible children.

Oh, and for the first time in her life she became a dog owner to the most amazing golden retriever in the existence of mankind and dogkind.

It is this blend of humanity and humility, curiosity and experience, right brain and left brain, that make her one of Lamorinda’s most unique chiropractors. She is versed in several chiropractic techniques namely, Gonstead, Diversified, SOT and BGI. It is with this skill set that Dr. Christina practices what she herself has experienced—for each person on the planet to pursue their life’s passion and purpose.

Read About Dr. Brian Flannery

Brian Flannery, DC
You’ll most likely find Dr. Brian at Rivulet Chiropractic in the evenings or on Saturday due to his “day job” of teaching Chiropractic as the Chair of Philosophy and Principles at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward.

When meeting him, you will certainly notice he has a deep seeded passion for Chiropractic and its profound effect on people’s lives. Chiropractic found him as he was studying microbiology as an undergraduate. His studies were focused on helping his mother who had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for her entire life. His initial focus was on helping her by developing the next great “cure.” He soon became dissatisfied and troubled by the outside-in approach to health. He innately recognized that health comes from the inside-out, that your body has everything it needs within to be whole and healthy throughout the course of your lifetime.

Nature needs no help, just no interference…

As fate would have it, his college advisor gave him a book on Chiropractic, which perfectly matched his model of the world. He was hooked from that moment on and has spent countless hours studying Chiropractic and helping families restore and maintain the highest levels of health possible.

He has been blessed to speak all over the world on health and Chiropractic, is a highly skilled and gifted adjustor. His passion lies in adjusting and caring for whole families.

He is the proud hubby of Dr. Christina, the father of those three amazing kids: Gabe, Quin and Ribh, and loves running, rugby, football and serving his community.